Bribie Island Weather and Climate

Bribie Island is part of South-East Queensland's "sun corridor" along with the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. If you enjoy subtropical weathers coupled with the urban convenience of a large, developed city less than an hours drive, then Bribie Island is an ideal destination.

Generally comfortable year-round, it attracts visitors from other regions during the colder months who are looking to escape the frigid chill down South. Combining the brilliance of hot, clear and sometimes humid Summers with mild and comfortable Winters, Bribie Island receives an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day throughout the year.

Temperatures and Rainfall

With the relative balance that accompanies Bribie Island’s yearly climate, the gaps between average highs and lows are fairly stable and predictable, allowing for the benefit of planning for trips, tours and holidays to coincide with the weather. Maximum temperatures throughout the year reach an average of approximately 26.4°C (79.5°F) with a yearly minimum average of 16.2°C (61.2°F). The minimums of Winter can sometimes jar into sudden cold spikes, however these are relatively rare. Thunderstorms are common over Bribie Island, producing some spectacular photographs over the years, and usually occur during the Summer months.


With mostly year-round sunshine coupled with distinct seasons, there is usually a “season for everyone” in Bribie Island dependent entirely on personal tastes. It’s mediterranean-style climate produces a comfortable balance of highs and lows, although its highs are famous for reaching very high degrees unexpectedly during Summers.


Summers on Bribie Island are generally quite hot, with sequences of beautiful, fantastic and sunny days followed by periodic tropical storms, after which the cycle continues to repeat itself. Humidity levels that climb quite high are tempered by cool sea breezes. Nights are also generally warm so sleeping can sometimes be difficult without air conditioning unless you have a high tolerance for heat. These climes make for the ideal time to head towards the coastal districts and either look around the sightseeing attractions the areas offer or take part in marine sports and activities as the oceanside plays a large part in lessening the impact of days with high humidity. Wear light clothes and apply lots of sunscreen and you’ll end up getting the most out of Bribie Island’s Summers!


At the commencement of Autumn Bribie Island can still be fairly wet, however the thunderstorm activity will gradually decrease and you can expect a majority of fine days throughout this season. Beaches will slowly become less and less populated as the season moves forward and the average daily temperature drops from hot, to warm, to cool, dependent on the day.


Bribie Island’s Winters are cool and wet, with July being the coldest month and many areas susceptible to frosts. Periods of rain do not generally persist for longer than a duration of 48 hours however, with clear skies usually following and providing the chance to still enjoy the outdoors as the average high temperature will still be somewhere in the low 20’s. Casual clothing is still wearable during most days but a jacket will come in handy on both cooler mornings and colder nights.


Spring is another comfortable season on Bribie Island, with slightly more humidity than Autumn but far less than Summer. Sunshine is still plentiful but cloud cover can become more of a factor throughout the middle parts of the season, and thunderstorms will become more frequent as Spring pushes on into October and beyond. The storms can be quite severe on occasion and usually occur between 2 and 5pm in the afternoon.


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